Awards Ceremony

The Final Jury session has been successfully concluded - now we are looking forward to the awards ceremony in Milan on 12 and 13 June!


One of the world's premier design awards for students, receiving roughly 10,000 entries annually from all over the world. iF Design, together with our Sponsors offers a platform for innovative student concepts. Winners gain global recognition and a portion of the 50,000 EUR prize money.

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Last Year: Awards Ceremony in Istanbul

The winners of 2023 were honored in the Turkish metropolis - watch the video!

Evaluation Criteria & Jury Process

The iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD Jury evaluates all entries using five updated criteria.

Does it solve a problem?

  • Degree of innovation

  • Degree of elaboration Uniqueness

  • Use value and usability

Does it reflect or promote high moral-ethical standards?

  • Human dignity

  • Respect for the individual

  • Awareness of environmental standards

  • Social responsibility

Does it strengthen group relations?

  • Sensitivity for cultural traditions and power relations

  • Concern for common goals and the collective

  • Addresses social conflict through dialogue

Does it make economic sense?

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Feasibility and ease of implementation

  • Long-term perspective Profitability

Does it create a positive experience?

  • Respect for the individual, justice and fairness, positive experience and fun

  • Aesthetic potential, spatial ambience

  • Social responsibility, comfort and pleasure

Step 1: Online Jury

  • Based on the five evaluation criteria, the jurors assess each entry

  • The top 300 concepts qualify for the Final Jury

Step 2: Final Jury

  • The Final Jury meets on 26 April 2024 to examine the qualified entries

  • By combining the preselection results with their own judgement, our jurors select the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD winners and distribute the prize money

2023 Winner Concepts


Registration deadline

7 February 2024

Online Jury

13-22 March 2024

Final Jury in Berlin

26 April 2024

Awards Ceremony in Milan, Italy

12-13 June 2024

Publication of the winners

13 June 2024




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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special requirements? Can I submit several concepts at once? Do you accept Chinese characters? All these questions and many more in our FAQ page.